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Brooke Guzar Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Brooke Guzar is a female professional structural engineer. Does she have Wikipedia? Let us find out in this article.

The Canadian engineer has been involved in the field for a long time. She started her career as a structural engineer.

Brooke serves as a Civil Engineer at Blackwell Organization. She has been working there for more than 4 years.

Who Is Brooke Guzar Engineer? 

Since 2006 Brooke Guzar has been working in structural design, forecasting, and project coordinating as an engineer.

Her core task is to build the bones inside incredible structures. Besides that, Brooke can be found touring across the country on a motorcycle when she isn’t at work.

Brooke Guzar is a Canadian structural engineer who is currently working for the Blackwell organization.

Blackwell has provided structural engineering services to architects, developers, and building owners for a long time. Several of their projects have received the Governor General’s Award and the Ontario Association of Architects award for architecture. 

Before that, she has worked for other companies as well. Brooke did a Bachelor of Engineering from McMaster University.

Soon after she graduated, she joined Ameresco as a structural engineer. She spent six years at her first job.

Ameresco worked closely with a team of engineers, designers, and drafters on several projects in the municipal, commercial and industrial sectors.

Afterward, she joined Worley, a company working for the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors worldwide.

Does Brooke Guzar Have Wikipedia?

No, Brooke Guzar does not have a Wikipedia page. Though she is not on Wikipedia, few details regarding Brooke can be found on the internet.

To talk about her background, Brooke should be around her early or mid-thirties. She is from Ontario, Canada. 

Besides working as a structural engineer, she is also part of a show called Secret Nazi Bases. On the show, she, along with other engineers and experts, gives their verdict on the plants built by the Nazi.

Brooke Guzar Husband

Brooke Guzar has not disclosed any information regarding her husband. She keeps her personal life private and is also not much active on social media.

She has a LinkedIn profile where there is information related to her education and professional background. Likewise, she also seems to have an Instagram account which she has kept private.

What Is Brooke Guzar Net Worth?

There is no information on Brooke Guzar’s net worth.

As of now, Brooke has not disclosed anything about her income. She has been working in the field for around 15 years and should be making a good amount of money.

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