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Bryan Riley Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Florida Shooting: Who is Bryan Riley wife? It appears he is not married and has yet to start a family. Bryan is the suspect in killing four people including a mom holding a baby. Find out what has actually happened.

Bryan is the suspect in the Florida shooting case. As per reports, he was wearing full-body armor and fatally shot four people. Out of four people, one was a mother and the 3-month-old baby she was cradling.

After the shooting, he was involved in a huge gunfight with officers and deputies before being hurt and surrendered. Later in an interview, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that he was arrested on Sunday morning and further said that when the suspect was on the hospital gurney, he was hostile that he tried to snatch a gun from police.

Florida Shooting: Bryan Riley Wikipedia

Bryan Riley is the prime suspect of the Florida Shooting, where he shot four dead people.

He is a former Marine who served as a sharpshooter in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Those people who he killed have no relation with him, and the targeted victims were random people.

And he appeared to be suffering from mental health issues.

His biography is not featured on Wikipedia, but his recent case has been all over the internet as many online news and magazines have covered the case.

Bryan Riley Wife Family

Bryan doesn’t seem to be married- so, he doesn’t have a wife.

However, as per reports, he is in a relationship and has a girlfriend. His girlfriend told authorities that he had been slowly untangled for weeks and told her that he could communicate directly with God.

More than that, his family members’ and girlfriend’s details are unknown.

Bryan Riley Age: How Old Is He?

As per officials, Bryan Riley’s current age is 33 years old.

He was born in the year 1988 or 1989. More than that, his birth-related details are unknown.

Bryan Riley Facebook: What Happened

Bryan’s case is discussed briefly on social media platforms, Facebook and Reddit.

Due to his recent activity, he has been all over the web, and his accusation is properly discussed on social media platforms.

He was accused of killing the Lakeland family of four. A mother holding a child was also killed; he was charged with murder.

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