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Chef Mark Mata Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Mark Mata is a chef from Chopped. Here is everything to know about his age Wikipedia wife and net worth.

Mark is the executive chef at Persephone since 2011. Previously, he was the Chef De Cuisine at BiCE Ristorante. Actually, he had started his culinary career at Union Square Hospitality Group.

Reportedly, he had worked as a tournant there.

Meet Mark Mata Chef From Chopped

Mark Mata had already once appeared in the cooking contest called Chopped.

According to Reality Titbit, he had appeared on Chopped back in 2015. The show has been running since 2007 and this year marks its 14th anniversary. Reportedly, he had appeared in the ninth episode.

Sadly, he couldn’t go beyond the appetizer round.

Recent news suggests that Chopped is back with two spin-offs – Chopped NextGen and Chopped 420. Most probably, we will get to see him in one of these spin-offs for sure.

Mark Mata Age: How Old Is He?

Mark Mata’s exact age remains unknown.

Along with that, we have no idea about his birthday. However, we can claim that he is in his forties. Reportedly, he had kicked off his career in 2004.

Indeed, he was a young and talented chef from the very beginning.

Is Mark Mata On Wikipedia?

Despite his popularity, Mark Mata hasn’t been included on the web pages of Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, we can find his bio on LinkedIn. His profile claims that he is originally from New York, United States.

The American chef had completed his Associated Degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institue of America in 2004. He has worked in multiple restaurants, including Spigolo, Bar Q, and many more. Reportedly, he is specialized in Mediterranean cuisine.

Furthermore, we can find Mark on Instagram. Under the username of @chefmatanyc, he has earned approximately 2.3 thousand followers.

Does Mark Mata Have A Wife?

Mata does not have a wife.

However, the chef hasn’t really been open about his relationship status. Thus, we are currently unsure if he has a wife. Also, Mark hasn’t posted anything related to his girlfriend on social media. Clearly, we can see that he is more focused on his culinary career than on his love life.

Well, he has always remained silent about his family life. Indeed, we can claim that he wants to live a low-profile life.

Mark Net Worth Explored

Mark’s estimated net worth is in the thousands.

However, we aren’t sure about his exact worth. Since he is a chef, we can confirm that his earnings are great.

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