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Christophe Mallet Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Christophe Mallet is not on Wikipedia yet. Continue reading to know more about him.

Christophe Mallet is an Executive Producer of SBS Radio’s French program, and he also plays a host on Cycling Central Podcast.

Who is Christophe Mallet? What Does The Internet Have To Say About Him?

Christophe Mallet is one of the hosts on Cycling Central and SBS Radio.

Christophe Mallet is a cycling enthusiast, who has spent more than 10 years on cycling sports to this day. He is currently located in Melbourne.

He is 183cm tall.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Christophe Mallet doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page but given his accomplishments, one might just be popping out at any moment.

His biography and career information, however, can be found on different websites throughout the internet.

Christophe Mallet: Age

Christophe Mallet’s age hasn’t been revealed to the media yet.

His date of birth and birthplace has both been hidden from the public.

Christophe Mallet Net Worth

Considering Christophe Mallet’s accomplishments and the variety of topics he has covered, we can assume that he is living very comfortably. But, his salary hasn’t been shown to the public as it is his own matter and he likes to separate his professional and personal life.

Christophe Mallet’s Net Worth is also under review.

Who is His Wife?

As stated above Christophe Mallet likes to keep his personal and professional life separate, so he hasn’t disclosed any information about his wife.

Christophe on Social Media


Christophe Mallet is active on Instagram under the username @cmallet.sbs.

The most recent post on his Instagram is about the Bonjour Le Tour, co-hosted with Kate Bates.


Christophe Mallet is also active on Twitter under the handle name @cmallet.

Christophe Mallet: Career

Christophe Mallet has had many rather illustrious moments in his career over his 10+ years as a host and Executive Producer. But, before he worked on podcasts, he was a Business Objects/SAP Manager at Mars, the chocolates.


G20 – Brisbane 2014 – Interviews (Inc Christine Lagarde – Head of International Monetary Fund; Francois Hollande, French president), Live crosses, photos
Francois Hollande’s Presidential Visit to Australia
Emmanuel Macron’s Presidential Visit to Australia
French Presidential Election from New Caledonia (SBS News)
New Caledonia Referendum reporting from NC for SBS NEWS TV



Cycling – 4x Tour de France (2013 – 100th edition – 2017 -2019 )
Cycling – Host of the Zwift Cycling Central Podcast
Cycling – 2x World Cycling Championship (Road & Track)
Cycling – 7x Cycling National (Australian) Championship


Football – Executive Producer – The World Game Podcast Russia 2018 (From Russia)
Football – Executive Producer – Socceroos’ Road to Russia 2018 (Radio)
Football – Executive Producer of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Football – (A-League) – Executive Producer of the 2014 Grand Final for SBS Radio from Brisbane
Football – (A-League) – Melbourne Main Producer – Season 2013/2014
Football – International Cup 2015 & 2016


Tennis – 10x Australian Open 2x French Open

Formula 1

Formula 1 – 10x Formula 1 Australian Grand-Prix

American Football Leauge

AFL – 2x AFL World Cup
AFL – 2013 Grand Final in French – Full Call – (Footify)

He has more than 3,900 appearances in podcasts. (Source: French Australian Chamber of Commerce)

Accomplishments Of Christophe Mallet

Christophe Mallet was awarded the ‘Knight of the French National Order of Merit‘ in November 2016.

He is also the winner of the ‘Best Australian Sports Podcast of the year‘ in 2019.

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