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Harry Dunn Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Officer Harry Dunn wife must have been petrified about how her husband was treated during the Jan 6 Riot.

Officer Harry Dunn is one of the four police officers that were selected by the Jan 6 select committee to testify on July 27. He is a US Capitol Police who was present during the harrowing events that occurred on January 6.

Dunn is the only black officer that is scheduled to testify before the committee.

Who Is Officer Harry Dunn Wife? 

We do not have any information on Harry Dunn’s wife as of right now. Considering how delicate this procedure is, it makes sense that the family of the officers is kept under wraps.

Another US Capitol Police Officer, Aquilino Gonell has talked about how he had to push away his wife from hugging him because his body was covered with chemicals.

This indicates the horrors the officers have to face on the day. 

How Old Is Harry Dunn?

Officer Harry Dunn is 37 years old. He is a 13-year old veteran on the force.

Harry Dunn grew up in the nearby Prince George’s County with his parents. He frequently talks about how difficult it is for Black police officers in the unit. 

Is Harry Dunn On Wikipedia?

No, Harry Dunn does not have a bio on Wikipedia. However, several internet outlets have made biographies and articles about the officer.

Harry Dunn has been in the police force for 13 years. He grew up around the area and was always interested in serving for his country. Being an African American, it was difficult for his to be taken seriously. 

Nevertheless, Harry made his way into the force and has been serving the nation fearlessly ever since.

Dunn’s Account of The Capitol Riot

As per the Jan 6 capitol riots, Dunn talked about how he faced racist remarks, the kind that he had never heard before. One of the woman yelles, “You hear that, guys, this n***** voted for Joe Biden!” 

The statement was further supported by the crowd of 20, “Boo! F****** N*****!.”

Even though Dunn had always tried to keep his politics away from his job, he said that he did vote for Joe Biden. 

Dunn further added that the whole thing made him emotional and furious about the status of Black police officers in America.

Harry Dunn Family

The information about Harry Dunn’s family has been cleared from the internet. This is to make sure that his family is safe and secure.

As a 37-year-old man, Harry must be married with a wife and children. But, since the information is not available, nothing can be made official.

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