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Daniel Hodges Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Americans wish to know about officer Daniel Hodges age after he recently testified. Read below to learn about his wife and Wikipedia.

Professionally, Daniel is a Metropolitan Police Department officer. On January 6, 2021, he was one of the officers who was physically tortured.

On July 27, he testified during the opening hearing of the U.S. House. Reportedly, he described the moment when some rioters crushed him between a door frame.

Officer Daniel Hodges Age: How Old Is He?

Daniel Hodges has not revealed his real age. Nevertheless, we can confirm that he is in his late thirties.

Along with his age, we are unsure about his birthday too. Hopefully, the police officer will reveal all his unknown information soon.

During the Capitol Riot, Daniel was defenseless as he got crushed while protecting the building. Reportedly, he has described the rioters as “terrorists.”

Later, Daniel’s footage went viral on the internet. After watching the video, Daniel received thousands of messages from around the globe.

Among all, the message from Emma Jablonski touched his heart. According to TMZ, the 10-years-old girl from Montana was heartbroken after watching that tape.

Daniel Hodges Wife: Is He Married?

Daniel Hodges hasn’t spoken about his wife yet. In fact, he hasn’t mentioned anything about his married life.

So, we have no idea if he has any children. Nevertheless, we know that his family was quite worried after he sustained injuries at the US Capitol. 

According to Business Insider, Daniel’s arms were pinned which is why he was defenseless. With the increasing pressure of the mob, Daniel kept sustaining injuries.

One of the attackers took an advantage of his critical situation. Reportedly, the guy was able to snatch his gas mask and hit him on his head.

After the gas mask got removed, Daniel got exposed to chemical irritants. Later, he yelled for help and was assisted by one of the police officers.

As soon as he was free, he used water to decontaminate his face. Without any second thought, he went back to fight.

Is Daniel Hodges On Wikipedia?

Daniel Hodges is surely not on Wikipedia. Also, we cannot find his bio anywhere on the internet.

Surprisingly, we are unable to reach Daniel’s social media accounts. Most probably, he doesn’t use one, or, he could have made them private.

Learn About Officer Hodges Ethnicity

We have no claims regarding Daniel Hodges’ ethnicity. Nevertheless, we can confirm that he is of American nationality.

Undoubtedly, his earnings as a police officer are quite low. So, we believe that his net worth is somewhere in the thousands.

As per the latest update, Daniel has recovered from his injuries. Reportedly, he had sustained wounds in the skull, eyes, and lips. 

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