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Rebecca Fenton Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Rebecca Fenton is a person who has been found out as a suspect for murdering her husband. What is the Update 2021 on the case? 

Is Rebecca Fenton released now?

As per the records, Rebecca is currently detained in Florida Women’s Reception Center located in Ocala, Florida.

As per the investigations back in 2015, the panels found out the lady guilty. Without any delay, she was sent to prison. Rebecca had stated that his spouse died due to the robbery that went wrong.  

She further affirms that she has been drawn up by the burglar.

Her husband: Who was he?

Rebecca Fenton’s husband belonged to Woodbury, New Jersey.

His name was Larry Fenton. Professionally, he used to serve as a well-established architect but later switch to being a pharmaceutical rep. Rebecca and Larry met at a gym. Soonly after they began their romantic relationship.

Just about three months of their relationship, the man proposed to Rebecca. they officially took vows in Clearwater, Florida, and later recited in the same city.

Has her murder news covered on Wikipedia?

Of course, Rebecca’s murder news is given on Wikipedia.

A documentary series named Killer Women with Piers Morgan was broadcasted on ITV. Basically, the show was interviewed by piersmorgan then. In the first series, he interviewed Erin Caffey.

While on the second one, he covered up Rebecca Fenton including Amber Wright.

Even on Twitter, she was referred to as Best Liar. 

Explore her Crime and charges

After six years of murder, Rebecca Ayn Fenton was caught for her crime in 2015.

As cited in tampabay, it’s been stated that cops had always suspect Rebecca of her spouse’s dies. She further defended herself that she is a victim of this crime. Nevertheless, the proofs found had directly hinted towards her.

Rebecca called the police after she found out the pool was all covered up in the blood. After a detailed investigation, in this case, it revealed that Larry got shot in his arm, neck, and back.

Well, after all the research and proof, A Pinellas grand judge designates Rebecca for a first-degree murder charge.

Rebecca Fenton Age: How old is the lady?

Rebecca Fenton is 54 years old.

She was born on April 27, 1967. As per her birth date, she belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign. As per the research, it’s been stated that she is not active on Instagram too. So, neither of her birthday celebrations or events are yet captured to date. 

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