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Christopher Havens Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The convicted genius, Christopher Havens doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

The murder convict has found a new and better way to spend his time in prison with his self-created mathematics theory. Forced to a solitary for a year, Christopher Havens shifted his interest to a more productive and hence, his mathematics project has been published in a famous journal. 

Christopher Havens Mathematics Project And Discovery

Christopher Havens is famous for his newly made mathematics project. 

After being confined inside a solitary for a year, the murder convict started doing mathematics puzzles. In the beginning, he was just intrigued and looking for a way to pass time in what people describe as “hell.” However, he started getting the hang of it as time passed until he made a great discovery. 

Why Did Christopher Havens Go To Prison?

Christopher Havens went to prison for murder. 

A drug addict since childhood, Christopher was involved with a lot of drug-related gangs while he was growing up. One thing led to the other and he found himself in a shooting between two gangs. He was arrested and convicted for murder in 2012. Havens is currently serving a 25-year sentence in Washington. 

Quick Facts:

NameChristopher Havens

Some Unknown Facts On Christopher Havens

Christopher Havens is an American prisoner who is known for his prison mathematics project. 

Prior to his life in prison, Christopher Havens was married to a wife and had few children. We do not have any information on his family’s current status. 

An unorthodox guy as a child, Havens wanted to belong somewhere which led him to become a drug addict. 

However, he turned everything around when his mathematics theory was published in one of the top math journals. 

As of now, he is solving the hardest of mathematical equations and puzzles.  

Christopher Havens wants to inspire other inmates on rehabilitating and dong something significant for the world. 

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