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Lena Kasparian Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Lena Kasparian has no official page on Wikipedia, but she is active on social media platforms.

A glamourous fashion designer and celebrity stylist Lena is popular for her clothing sense and fashion styles. She not only designs wedding dresses for the bride and bridegroom but also evening cocktail party dresses. 

Meet Lena’s Husband: Is She Married? 

Lena seems to be married, and her anonymous husband’s identity is still under the table.

According to Express Digest, Lena has a 5-year-old child from her past relationship. She has gone through a serious incident in 2011. Her boyfriend, Marc Zartarian attacked her while she was in the kitchen with a pan. She was holding a knife to her self-defense, and unluckily the knife got into his chest and he was hospitalized. 

Where Is She Now? Family Details

Lena is doing well in her business and career. Well, She is not in prison for sure.

Moreover, Lena is having a great time with her family and friends in Sydney. She believes that “Every cloud has a silver lining.” 

Quick Facts:

NameLena Kasparian
ProfessionFashion Designer

Some Quick Facts On Lena Kasparian 

Lena Kasparian is a creative director, and fashion designer at the Australian house of fashion for men and women located in Castle Hill, Sydney.

Lena has accumulated 17.4k followers on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, she is also the founder of a charitable organization called @ihearyou_foundation. It was mainly established to help people who suffer from abuse and alcoholism. 

She is the author of an autobiography known as 14 millimeters (14mm). 

Lena was arrested for murdering her late boyfriend, Marc Zartarian in 2011. After hearing her statement, the court releases her because she did it all only for her self-defense. Maybe, the case was closed right now.

Lena hasn’t announced her net worth publicly. Similarly, her salary is unknown at the moment. 

She hails from Sydney. Hence, her nationality is Australian.

By analyzing her profile, Kasparian has a skinny body type with a tall height.  

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