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Christopher Krebs Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Early Life, Career, Facts

Christopher Krebs is one of the top cybersecurity personnel in the USA, who serves as the first director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

The CISA director recently told his colleagues that he expects to be fired from his post as POTUS Donald Trump is firing top security officials as his term in the White House comes to an end.

NameChristopher Krebs
ProfessionDirector of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Net Worth$100,000 to $1 million
EducationUniversity of Virginia; George Mason University

10 Facts About Christopher Krebs

Christopher Krebs’s wife is a woman named Emily. Together they have 4 children according to this source. 

It is unclear when they got married and have not shared the details of their courtship. 

His Wikipedia page is being updated and is incomplete but you can read all about him in this article. 

Krebs has not revealed the details of his birth and so his age is also not public knowledge but many sources claim he is in his late 40s as of November 2020. 

According to Chris’s Twitter bio, he is also responsible for the rumor control department in the CISA, he played a huge part in controlling the rumors in the 2020 elections.  

The exact figures of his net worth are not available in the media, however, according to estimates by some online tabloids he is worth between $100,000 to $1 million. 

Most of his earnings are from his job as the director of CISA within the Department of Homeland Security. He took the post in 2017 but had been in the DOHS since the Bush administration. 

In 2020, he told his colleagues, that he fears he will be fired by outgoing President Trump. 

He told his fellow workers that he will most probably be replaced by Trump as part of his outgoing move. 

The POTUS replaced the Secretary of Defence in a shock move after losing the election. 

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