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Ciaran Bolger Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ciaran Bolger’s Wikipedia is a major topic to discuss. Let’s learn everything about him.

Professionally, Ciaran Bolger is a well-known neurosurgeon who has been serving as the chairman and president of the Eurospine Foundation. Moreover, he has been working as a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

Is Ciaran Bolger On Wikipedia?

Surprisingly, we cannot find Ciaran Bolger on Wikipedia. However, you can read his bio on his official LinkedIn account.

Moving on to his education, we can confirm that he is a graduate of TCD. Interestingly, Ciaran was one of the candidate astronauts for the European Space Agency.

His Wife And Partner Explored

Ciaran Bolger has not spoken about his partner yet.

In fact, we are still trying to find out Ciaran Bolger’s wife enad marital status.

No matter what, Ciaran still impresses a lot of women. He appeared in Tommy Tiernan Show, where the viewers were blown away from his extraordinary life. According to Dublin Live, one of the women was impressed by his dedication and talent.

Ciaran Bolger Age: How Old Is He?

Ciaran Bolger’s current age has not been explored. We aren’t sure about his birthday either.

Analyzing his pictures gives us the idea that he is probably around his fifties right now. Even in his fifties, he plays Xbox and often listens to rock n roll.

Meet Him At Hermitage

Ciaran Bolger is one of the eight neurosurgeons who currently works at Hermitage Medical Clinic. Also, he works at the Royal College of Surgeons as their head of clinical neuroscience.

Before starting his professional career, Ciaran Bolger had struggled to pick between becoming a doctor or pilot. Despite popular as a doctor, he also has a pilot license now.

Everything About His Family

Ciaran Bolger belongs to a family of Irish. He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

Since he is a neurosurgeon, we can confirm that his earnings are in millions. However, we are not sure about Bolger’s net worth.

Even though we have no idea about his marital status, we know that Ciaran has two children. Right now, we cannot find his Twitter profile.

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