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Richard Fitzwilliams Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Richard Fitzwilliams is a British public relations consultant and commentator who was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Richard has the skills to promote exhibitions of figurative arts and helps the artists to gain their values. Fitzwilliams is also a royal commentator and film critic based in England.

NameRichard Fitzwilliams
ProfessionConsultant and Royal Commentator
WifeGillian Savill

The consultant has worked for many blogs to review movie plots and tv shows on various aspects of the cinema world. Richard has given many interviews regarding his experts on reviewing the top trending movies. Fitzwilliams started as an Assistant Editor of Africa South of the Sahara from 1972-75.

10 Facts on Richard Fitzwilliams

Even though Richard has his own Wikipedia, the is no information about his date of birth thus his age cannot be confirmed. He is a British national born in South Africa.

Richard Fitzwilliams is married to his wife, Gillian Savill in the year 1981. Savill worked for the BBC World Service at that time.

The details about the children of Richard is not available. Also, his family information cannot be found.

Since 2002, Fitzwilliams has worked as a press consultant for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters promoting its annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

Richard is a regular contributor on royal matters to various news outlets such as CNN, BBC News Channel, Sky News and CTV News as well. He also lectures on the British honors system.

On several royal occasions like weddings, funerals, state visits, and other major events, Fitzwilliams is appointed as the royal commentator every time.

The royal commentator is also a contributor to The London and UK datebook for which he writes the Artscenbe column, reviews arts events, and reviews Royal Ascot and charity events.

Richard Fitzwilliams does not have the information on his current salary. His earnings to date are not available so his net worth cannot be confirmed.

In past, Richard has written articles for The Daily Telegraph, and The Express. For 2 years since 1978, he wrote on international affairs while he was in South Africa.

Fitzwilliams has a twitter account with 3.2 k followers and he shares royal news through his account most of the time.

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