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Chocolate Barbie Song Tiktok, Lyrics Meaning and Challenge Explained

Chocolate Barbie Song is taking over TikTok. Catch up to its meaning and the latest trends. 

There is a new trend on TikTok, and people have been trying to find more about it. Following the trend has been a very usual thing at present. 

Well, the TikTok user has been vibing off with the new song “Chocolate Barbie.” It got created by the popular musician Drill Sensei, whose every song has hit off on TikTok. 

Scroll down if you are excited to know about what the matter is really about;

What Is Chocolate Barbie Song On Tiktok?

The song and music created by Drill Sensei have always been viral over the internet. And with his new song “Chocolate Barbie,” people have not only loved the song but have started to make TikTok videos. 

The user has created different types of short videos on the song that have gained the attention of loads of viewers. Some people have found it interesting, while some people are wondering about the new trend. 

Regardless of what, people have used hashtags on their content mentioning #chocolatebarbie. It seems like people are really vibing with the new song.

Till now, loads of people have already created short videos on “Chocolate Barbie.” Nonetheless, it’s still trending over TikTok. 

Chocolate Barbie Song Lyrics Meaning

Drill Sensei is back with the new mashup “Chocolate Barbie,” and people have been crazy about it. He has created a mashup of rap with the spice of one of the 80s songs by the legend Queen. 

It gave off powerful vibes with a fast beat creating a unique gesture for rap barbie and rock music. Moreover, the particular of his mashup has been viral over the Tiktok. 

It has become famous for the part of the lyrics where it goes, 

“Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie, waiting on me for a Yo…
In the back is Jo, I ride in shotgun, the driver’s unknown…
Two wheels, two men, one skeng, come ped, let’s see who gets home.”

Chocolate Barbie Song Challenge Explained

TikTokers have been creating random content of the song. There is no particular trend for a mashup.

Some users have put their dance content. Meanwhile, others have created comedy content on the “Chocolate Barbie.” 

People have just been hitting the song going with the flow. One can join the trend by using the hashtags #chocolatebarbie or #bakeinthepartychocolatebarbie. 

Nevertheless, the mashup has just made people hit the dance floor and vibe with it. 

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