Tiktok: Talyn Talks Racist Video on Reddit, What Did She Do?

TikTok star Talyn Talks racist video is going viral over Reddit. 

Talyn Talks is a famous user who is popular for her short content on TikTok. However, with her recent videos, people who have supported her for so long have started to condemn her. 

What’s more, is that not only her video that has been viral over the Tiktok. But she became the most talking subject among the Reddit users as well. 

People have expressed different kinds of feelings towards her. Talyn has become the target of hate comments at the moment.  

TikTok Star Talyn Talks Racist Video On Reddit

TikToker Talyn is famous for her short content videos. People have liked and followed her account for her entertaining videos. 

Until recently, she uploaded the racist video on TikTok that made her go viral over the internet. Although the user has deleted the video, people over Reddit have reposted the video criticizing her. 

Different people have expressed different opinions towards her. Some users claim her to be a racist, while others, mentioning her as an attention seeker. 

Regardless of what, Talyn has started to lose her fan followers, with people condemning her at Reddit. 

Talyn Talks What Did She Do? 

Talyn Talks posted a racist video on her social media that has flipped over the internet. In the video, she prepared food for the homeless people, and someone in the background mentioned “brown folks.”

Users have started to criticize her mentioning that, being brown or Latino does not mean you are homeless. Moreover, her posting a video on her account made has really fury the people. 

People who saw this video have left various comments that mentioned that she is a racist and did not handle the matter correctly. On top of that, instead of confronting a person, she posted her content on social media.  

Talyn Talks Apology Video

Talyn Talks deleted her racist video after the users started criticizing her for being racist. Moreover, she posted an apology video regarding previous racist content. 

However, people are not having it, as they believed she was not getting accountable for the issue here. She has been getting hate for trying to reverse the matter to her instead of confronting it. 

It seems like her real name remains pretty vague at the moment. However, she has her Instagram with the username “Talyn Greece,” so that might be her real name, not that we are sure of now. 

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