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Who Is Nicholas Ray On TikTok? Noor Dabash Sexual Assault Accusation Explained

Nicholas Ray, a TikTok celebrity, is accused of sexually assaulting a youngster called Noor Dabash. Here’s a more in-depth look at the story.

Nicholas Ray, who is most known for his TikTok point of view material, has been charged with sexual assault.

Ray is a prominent character who is adored by many, with 6 million followers on his TikTok account, but what we are about to expose may jeopardize his reputation.

Nicholas is said to have attempted to rape another TikTok celebrity, Noor Dabash, without her consent.

Who Is Nicholas Ray On TikTok? 

Nicholas Ray is a well-known TikTok celebrity who is recognized for his dramatic lip-sync and point-of-view videos.

He has 6 million followers on the platform under the username @nickolas ray.

Ray’s inventiveness should be commended, since most of his videos have been seen over a million times, and he has received a phenomenal 241 million likes.

Ray was born and reared in St. Louis, Missouri, and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Noor Dabash Sexual Assault Accusation Against Nicholas Ray

Nicholas Ray, a TikTok celebrity, has been accused of sexual assault by Noor Dabash.

The 18-year-old TikTok celebrity and model was raped only weeks before her birthday, and she has now spoken out about it four months later.

According to the victim, Ray raped Dabash, then 17 years old, on July 5th when she was highly intoxicated.

Although the pair had reached an arrangement previous to the event, Ray, 21, had promised Dabash that he would wait until she was 18 but was unable to keep his word.

In the meanwhile, it should be stated that they had intercourse before this occurrence.

Even if the intercourse is consensual, violent altercations with an underage person are punishable in California, according to Dabash.

Nicholas Ray And Noor Dabash Drama Explained

Nicholas Ray and Noor Dabash, TikTok stars, are trending after the young woman spoke out about the sexual assault.

On the night of July 5th, Dabash, and anxiety/panic attack sufferer, cuddled up in Nicholas’ bed, hoping that someone would be around to help her.

Nicholas, according to her, requested a dialogue, which Dabash politely declined, but shortly after she regained her composure, Ray attempted to rape her.

With a bloody nose, she returned to her flat. Dabash has stated that he attempted to engage in sexual behavior with her without her consent.

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