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Damien Bendall Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Damien Bendall of age 31 years has been arrested as a suspect for the murder of three children and a mother.

Four people Terri, Lacy, John with their friend Connie were found dead. 

They were are dead in their Chandos Crescent home in Killamarsh on September 20.

The heartbroken father is devastated by the incident of his family.

Bennet has been expressing his emotional side through social media. He quoted a statement “I couldnt protect my beautiful babies from the monster and now suddenly they have been taken away from me”.

Who is Killamarsh Suspect Damien Bendall?

Damien is the prime suspect in the mass killing of 4 people in Killamarsh, Derby.

News sources have claimed him to be known to the victim’s family before. 

Derbyshire police confirmed officers had no prior contact with those who were involved and the victim and the suspect knew each other before.

Although the purpose of murder isn’t made public by the police officers.

The 31-year-old has been arrested.

Is Damien Bendall Terri Harris Boyfriend?

Damien and Terri were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while.

They had an on and off-going relationship with each other.

They were dating each other for a while but things didn’t go right for them.

There isn’t much information on this topic. Damien hasn’t confirmed any of the personal information regarding the relationship between him and the victim Terri Harris.

Still, the motive of the murder is under the closed curtains.

Damien Bendall Wikipedia

Damien doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio.

There isn’t much information about Damien on Wikipedia.

The details of the murder are still under investigation. The officers are trying to know about the motive of the murder. 

The murder was an “isolated incident” as stated by Police.

The officers have requested each and every person to share information about the incident. Even the smallest of smallest detail is considered to be helpful to crack the case.

Victim Family

The victim had a family of four.

Terri Harris 35 her husband Jason Bennet and their two children John 13, and little lacy 11.

Lacy and her best friend Connie were having a sleepover when the horror haunted their life.

Our condolences thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their close family and friends.

Facebook updates

After the devastating news, the father and the husband of the victim have taken over Facebook.

He has shared his feeling about being lonely and his family has gone.

He even shared a beautiful video of his daughter and son expressing he will make them proud and he misses his “mini-me” his son.

He even feels sorry for not being in the situation where his family needed him the most. 

We wish all the strength to the father to deal with this.

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