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20 years old Francis Bourgeois is a train enthusiast who is becoming famous on TikTok. Let’s get to know more about his personality in the below article.

Francis Bourgeois is an uprising TikTok user who is recognized for sharing amazing videos related to trains on his TikTok handle. For him, trainspotting has been a lifelong pursuit.

Besides that Bourgeois has always been interested in trains from an early age. This is also the reason why he often shares facts about trains on his social platform. Meanwhile, there is no train he can’t name.

Further, he has got huge fan followings on his account where he shares train spotting adventures across the UK. From his video, Bourgeois also teaches other people about interesting train facts.

Francis Bourgeois Age: How Old Is He?

Francis Bourgeois’ current age is 20 years.

He was born in England but his exact birth date is missing from the web. Moreover, he grew up in Harlesden, North West London.

Francis was interested to know about trains from an initial age. His parents used to take on road trips to Willesden Junction which is one of the city’s busiest stations.

At an early age, Bourgeois used to hide his love of trains for fear of being judged. But he has now used TikTok to show his passion and love for trains. Also, his videos are loved by many people worldwide.

When Bourgeois was just seven years old, he moved to Frome in rural Somerset.

Apart from that, he is an engineering student at the University of Nottingham.

Francis Bourgeois Tiktok on Trains

Moving onwards, Francis Bourgeois is a self-professed train lover.

And he knows every fact about trains. So, Bourgeois uses TikTok to share his love for trains.

Not only that, he uses the platform to teach other users about trains of all types.

Likewise, Bourgeois has also shared various trainspotting tips.

He has also admitted that, if we want a train to honk, we should put one hand up and pull the imaginary lever.

Furthermore, Francis does various interesting stuff in his videos which is loved by many people.

Meet Francis Bourgeois On TikTok

Following his online presence, Francis Bourgeois is strongly active on TikTok.

He is registered on TikTok under the username @francis.bourgeois and has gained more than 469.1k followers.

And he has gathered more than 1 million likes on his various videos.

Moreover, his profile took off after he stitched together fake videos of himself talking to various renowned artists such as Digga D and Billie Eilish. 

Additionally, Bourgeois has not followed a single account from his TikTok profile.

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