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David Toole Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

English professional dancer, David Toole, who performed at the 2012 Paralympics Games opening ceremony in London died aged 56. This professional English dancer died in October 2020. Not only David Toole was a great dancer known for his moves, but he was a great being as well.

This late English dancer can be a source of inspiration for all the lives out there reading this. He was born with nonfunctioning legs which were amputated later when he was 18 month-old.

NameDavid Toole
Age56 years old

David Toole turned his disability into a special ability and showed the world what he was made of. Today, this loss is mourned by thousands across countries. He does not have a wiki page but here is everything we know about the inspiring personality, David Toole.

10 Facts on David Toole

David Toole was an English professional dancer and performer who performed in several programs both national and international. 

Late David Toole is best known for his performance at the 2012 Paralympics Games held in London. 

Toole had experience as a professional dancer for around 30 years and he had turned the world with several productions. He worked for StopGap Dance Company in Leeds.

He was originally from Leeds, the United Kingdom. He was of British nationality. He died at the age of 56. His birthday is not known.

David Toole was born with a condition, Sacral Agenesis. When he was in the womb his lower body part didn’t develop properly.

He was born with legs that were useless and when he was 18 months old, his legs were cut off.

David attended John Jamieson school for students with disabilities. During his time at John Jamieson David grew fond of performing.

He breathed his last in October 2020. He was hospitalized for some unknown reasons. The cause of his death is still unknown. 

David Toole was not married. So, he didn’t have a wife, to begin with. 

Toole was also a great performer and a stage actor. 

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