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Did Deron Williams Divorce His Wife Amy Williams? Rumors On The NBA Player Addressed

Did Deron Williams Divorce His wife Amy Williams? Is this simply a rumor, or did the basketball player do it? This article will cover all you need to know to put your mind at ease.

Deron Williams is a former professional basketball player from the United States. He was picked third overall in the 2005 NBA draft by the Utah Jazz after playing college basketball for the Illinois Fighting Illini.

At a young age, he began his career as a basketball player. Bill Self chose him to play collegiate basketball at the University of Illinois for the 2002-03 NCAA season.

He started 30 to 32 games in his first season and was third in the Big Ten Conference in assists with 2.53 per game.

After a successful 12-year playing career, Deron announced his retirement in 2017. Willams is now a partner in the ownership of a mixed martial arts (MMA) Fortis and gym. Aside from that, he’s a part of the UFC universe.

Did Deron Williams Divorce His Wife Amy Williams? Married Life Rumors

Deron Williams, the former NBA player seems to be separated from his wife Amy Williams. Though there is no official statement regarding his divorce, we can see Deron’s photos with a girl named Darcie McClellan, who goes by her Instagram handle @darciemcclellan. 

Deron and his wife Amy had been a constant in his life for the majority of it. Deron first met the former Any young in second grade, and the two started dating in high school.

Following college, the pair married in 2006 in front of their family, friends, and relatives, with her daughter Denae, who was welcomed in 2003.

Disclosing Deron Williams Children And Family

Deron Williams and his wife Amy have four children together: two sons and two daughters from their marital relationship. Deron Williams Jr. The name of their two sons is Deron Williams Jr. ‘DJ’ and Desmond Williams. Likewise, the name of their daughters Deanne Williams and Daija Williams.

They received another daughter, Daija, shortly after their wedding before opting to adopt a son out of fear of having a female if they tried for the third time.

Moreover, Amy always wanted to adopt another child because she had been adopted as a youngster by her parents.

Before having their biological son Desmond in 2011, the Williams adopted Deron Jr. ‘DJ.’

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