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Diybreakup Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

Devin Blair is a Tik Tok personality who has gained fame online as “@diybreakup” on Tik Tok and Instagram. Devin is the girl who started the Tik Tk channel after she found out that her partner was cheated on her. Blair apparently was with this guy for 6 years and they had a wedding coming up. 90 days before the wedding, Devin has nightmarish news that hits her very hard: Her fiance is cheating on her for the last 6 months.

Now, she has made a Tik Tok and an Instagram profile named diybreakup where she is talking about her experience and is hoping to help any other people out there to deal with their break up, red flags in the relationships, how to handle the breakup and all that sort of things. She has storytime videos, advice and may I say, she looks like Jennifer Garner.

NameDevin Blair aka diybreakup
ProfessionVice President at Robert Half/ Video Creator
Instagram@devinblair and @diybreakup

10 Interesting Facts About Diybreakup Aka Devin Blair

We have no details about Devin’s age since the information about her date of birth is not available on the internet. 

Devin was a normal girl who used to work in a services company Northwestern Mutual and also an insurance firm named Zenith Marketing Group.

Currently, Devin lives in Philadelphia holds the job of an Assistant Vice President at Robert Half.

Blair graduated from the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Devin and her friend Jessica Heilweil are the partners and cohosts of a podcast where they give relationship advice to other people.

Devin found out that her boyfriend was sending the same messages to Devin and his another girlfriend because her boyfriend’s phone and her laptop were accidentally synced.

Devin has 2 Instagram accounts and is also very active on Tik Tok.

Devin has an Instagram accounts named “@devinblair” and “‘diybreakup”.

Blair is on Tik Tok as “@diybreakup”.

Devin has 29 thousand followers on Tik Tok and 881 thousand likes.

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