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Riskhappy Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

Riskhappy is a webpage that is based on Austin, Texas, USA and the page shared one of the TikTok videos where an Indian girl is singing a song and her dad is making fun out of her. The video which created buzz starts with a daughter who is singing while playing the piano.


The girl seems to be singing a very popular song named The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and her dad just makes a video out of her and teases her stating she is very lazy. Ignoring her dad, she just keeps singing and her dad makes more fun out of her. 

After this, her dad teases her saying that he will tell all of her friends how lazy she is and also says that she is so lazy to dress properly as her pants are hanging on old Pelatoon bike. As the video was posted by the Instagram page Riskhappy, it started to get many views and people started to like it.

10 Facts About Riskhappy

Riskhappy is a webpage as well as an Instagram page that has risen into the fame for sharing TikTok videos related to a girl singing songs and her father making fun of her.

There is an Instagram page under the username @riskhappy which is based on Austin, Texas, USA.

We do not know who actually runs the channel which is why we remain unknown regarding the age of that person.

Also, we remain about the person’s height and other physical attributes.

Is Riskhappy married? Probably the person who made the page might have been married but we do not actually know anything about it yet.

Since we do not know about his marriage, we are also unsure about his wife.

When does Riskhappy celebrate their birthday? We have no idea about this information yet.

The page has its own merchandise where they sell mostly t-shirts.

Riskhappy is also active on YouTube with more than 70 subscribers there.

There is not much information about the page and more information will be added later. 

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