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Dr. Lindley Dodson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who Is Dr. Lindley Dodson? Dr. Lindley Dodson was an American doctor and pediatrician who was based in Austin, Texas with her husband and three children. She used to work in the Children’s Medical Clinic in Austin.

On January 27, 2021, Dr. Lindley Dodson was shot and killed by a fellow pediatrician, Bharat Narumanchi. Narumanchi took her and three other doctors as hostages but others managed to escape. 

Quick Facts: Dr Lindley Dodson Husband: Austin Pediatrician Hostage Shot And Killed

NameDr Lindley Dodson

After the 6-hour wait, when the police robot went inside the hospital, they found two bodies. Bharat Narumanchi first shot Dodson and then himself. He had cancer and was living his last days whereas the victim was perfectly healthy. 

Moreover, Narumanchi stormed the clinic once the clinic denied his request for volunteer work. We forward our condolences to the deceased friends and family.

10 Facts on Dr. Lindley Dodson

Dr. Lindley Dodson was a pediatrician based in Austin, Texas.

Moreover, Dr. Lindley Dodson was a married woman. He resided in Austin with his husband and three children.

However, she was shot and killed by another pediatrician, Bharat Narumanchi. Narumanchi had a terminal illness of cancer and was a guest of few days. 

You won’t find Dr. Lindley Dodson on Wikipedia. But there are a lot of news articles written about her since the incident. 

The pediatrician died at the young age of 43. She was shot in the head after being kept as a hostage for six hours. 

As for her family, Dr. Lindley Dodson had three children, a son, and two daughters. 

Moreover, Dr. Lindley Dodson was in the medical field for more than two decades. 

She was the pediatrician for many local people in Austin. All of them suggest that the doctor was great with children. 

However, we have not been able to track her net worth until now.

Many websites like Obituary have forwarded their deepest condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace. 

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