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Dr. Nick Coatsworth Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Many people are curious about Dr. Nick Coatsworth’s wife or partner. So, to quench your thirst, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about Australia’s current deputy chief medical officer.

Dr. Nick Coatsworth is a specialist in respiratory medicine and infectious diseases. 

Moreover, he is a medical expert assembled by the Australian government to assist with the global epidemic.

However, Nick is currently the focus of the country’s attention, not for his fight against COVID 19, but for his personal life.

Who Is Dr Nick Coatsworth Wife Or Partner?

Rebecca Pearson is the wife of Dr. Nick Coatsworth. 

Rebecca, like her husband, Nick Coatsworth, is a well-known medical professional.

Moreover, She is currently working at Royal Darwin Hospital as a respiratory physician.

Rebecca and Nick have been together for quite a while now. They together have a son whose name is Jonathan Coatsworth.

Aside from that, Nick has not shared much about his family and personal life with the public.

Therefore, very little is known about how the couple met or when they married.

What Is Dr Nick Coatsworth Age?

The age of Dr Nick Coatsworth is 45 years. 

In terms of physical stature, his height is estimated to be between 175 and 180 cm.

On the other hand, Nick appears to be an ambitious man who enjoys traveling and embarking on new adventures.

Is Dr Nick Coatsworth On Wikipedia?

Dr Nick Coatsworth is currently unavailable on Wikipedia. 

Nich pursued his medical studies at the Australian National University. 

Following this, He began working as a physician after finishing his studies, and he has helped thousands of people overcome their illnesses.

Right now, Nick has been instrumental in bringing the delicate situation in Australia caused by the Covid outbreak under control.

Moreover, He has also issued warnings to individuals who are still unconcerned about the dangerous infection.

Nick has also been leveraging his charming personality to convey positivity via his social media channels.

Dr Nick Coatsworth Family And Net Worth Details

The net worth of Dr Nick Coatsworth and his family is said to be somewhere between $2-$4 million. 

As he is a deputy chief medical officer, It is clear that his salary ranges between $300,000 to $400,000.

Furthermore, he is not the only doctor in his household; his wife, Rebecca, is also a highly acknowledged medical professional.

As a result, it is confirmed that Nick and his family live a financially well-balanced life.

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