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TikTok has become the best platform for netizens to earn fame and Dr. Parkinstine from TikTok is another social media personality you might want to know about. If you think of a few months back, Dr. Parkinstine was nowhere to be heard. But now, he is one of the aspiring TikTok personalities out there.

NameDr Parkinstine
ProfessionTikTok star
YoutubeParker Edmondson

This TikTok star who is active on TikTok as @dr.parkinstine has thousands of followers on his TikTok account and has over 1 million video likes on TikTok. You might now know this, but Dr. Parkinstine is also on YouTube. Well, there might be a lot of things you might not know about his upcoming TikTok sensation.

Get to know Dr. Parkinsitne from TikTok up close here.

10 Facts on Dr. Parkinstine

 Dr. Parkinstine is an aspiring TikTok star who rose to fame with his comedy skit TikTok videos. As you can expect from a TikTok user, his account also has many lip-sync videos.

You can find Dr. Parkinstine on TikTok as @dr.parkinstine. His TikTok account has 190.8k followers and has 1.3 million video likes.

You can also find this upcoming TikTok sensation on YouTube. He launched his YouTube channel in February 2014 and has 1.6k subscribers.

As seen on his YouTube account, Dr. Parkinstine’s real name is Parker Edmondson.

Parker Edmondson appears quite young as seen on his TikTok videos. His age could be around 24 years old or so.

Also, this TikTok guy has a lanky appearance. He could be standing around 5 feet and 10 inches tall. 

Dr. Parkinstine is new to social media and very little is known about his family, parents, and siblings.

He has afro style hair and was born with a white complexion. He has hazel colored eyes.

His other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are missing.

He could be dating his girlfriend in 2020 or could be enjoying his bachelorhood. The facts on his relationship status are not disclosed in the media.

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