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DTHANG Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

DTHANG is a rapper who has been streaming his songs through Spotify, Soundcloud. He has been delivering some wonderful songs over the last few years.

SiblingsLil Durk

DTHANG is an emerging star and that’s why there isn’t a lot of information about him on the internet. He has a very obsessed small number of following right now but it looks like that won’t be the norm for much now. He is massively inspired by HipHop music and one can certainly see that in his music.

DTHANG posts pictures of him having a handful of money on his Instagram posts. He loves trying different types of clothes but is mostly seen wearing stylish streetwear along with complementing sneakers. Let’s get to know more about this amazing musical artist now.

10 Facts On DTHANG

DTHANG’s age remains unknown to most of the general public. However, he is smaller than his brother aged 28.

We don’t know what his birthday is. That’s precisely why we can’t say what his zodiac sign is.

DTHANG’s Wiki details are relatively harder to obtain because he has no Wikipedia. His brother has a Wikipedia page though.

His father was incarcerated when he was not even born. He grew up with his mother and brother.

DTHANG’s brother is Lil Durk who is also a Hip Hop artist. His brother is more prominent than DTHANG.

DTHANG’s bio is not that easily obtainable. We know that he was born in Chicago and grew up around adoring Hip Hop music. 

We don’t really have a clue about DTHANG’s net worth. He is seen throwing money bills on social media which is why we assume he’s doing great.

He releases most of his music on SoundCloud. Click here to visit his SoundCloud profile and listen to his songs.

He has 44.4k Twitter followers.

On Instagram, DTHANG has a username “@dthangracks”  and has 18.4k followers.

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