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Everyone is a celebrity nowadays. Starting from TikTok to YouTube, people have been amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on social media with their entertainment content. Hence, it is hard to track a celebrity these days for content creators like us. We have to get ahead of the popularity index. 

Speaking of popularity index, there is someone who just never runs off the spotlight. Not just spotlight, but a limited and adequate spotlight. And she is no other than Emmy Cho. The culinary youtube has come a long way gathering a huge number of followers who are genuinely interested in what she does. 

Emmy is not those kinds of social media celebrities who crave attention. She just does what she does best and has been able to attract a lot of people towards her work. Surely, she had gathered them a hard way in around 10 years. But every once of the hard work is worth it. 

If you have been wondering about your favorite culinary YouTuber who is ready to taste the food you send, you have landed in the perfect place. Here is everything that we have gathered in her personal life. 

Emmy Cho: Husband and Married Life. Is She Divorced? 

Emmy Cho started her social media journey with her husband. In November of 2010, she launched her first youtube channel, Emmymadeinjapan. She created the channel after she went to Japan with her husband. She was a teacher in a school in Japan. 

Despite being from the Japanese heritage, Cho had no idea of the Japanese language. So, she struggled a lot during her initial days in the Country. However, her husband helped a lot to make her comfortable. She calls him Papa and his actual name is yet to be out. 

Emmy and her husband started their YouTube career with insignificant vlog videos. But she once posted a video tasting a Japanese candy and it got a lot of response from her fans. As a result, she started making food tasting videos on YouTube.

 As a matter of fact, she has not been spotted with her husband for a long time. Hence, there are people speculating that she is divorced. However, the YouTuber has not talked about it. They also share two children with each other. 

Just assuming, if they are divorced, Emmy has not married another person. She might be still together with her husband or she might also be single. 

How Popular is Emmymadeinjapan?

Fans usually know her by the name “Emmymadeinjapan.” And she is quite a popular personality. She has amassed more than 2 million followers on YouTube. Similarly, she has over 150k followers on Instagram and around 20k of them on Twitter. 

Moreover, her main mantra of success seems to be humility and interaction. She always interacts with her followers. She accepts the food that they send to her and also encourages them to send more. Emmy tastes the food sent by her followers on the videos and reacts to them. 

The first person to send her food and get featured on her channel was from Germany. As of now, she receives from all around the world. 

Besides, she is also a proclaimed chef herself. She loves to cook and has been passionate about it since her early childhood. Emmy is really popular for her Raindrop Cake Recipe. 

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