What Is Rumor With Garth Brooks And Dead Bodies? Everything Explained

Garth Brooks murder and dead bodies is a weird rumor on the internet. How did it start? Find Out.

Sometimes things get blown out of proportion in the online world. A similar thing happened to country singer Garth Brooks when people started asking him about the dead bodies.

While in reality, the statements were started with comic intentions. 

Who is He Married To

Garth Brooks is married to his wife Trisha Yearwood.

Trisha is also a country singer and TV personality. She is well-known for the 1991 hit song “She’s in Love With The Boy.”

Furthermore, Garth and Trisha tied the wedding knot on December 10, 2005.

Previously, he was married to American songwriter Sandy Mahl. The former partners have 3 daughters together: Taylor Mayne Pearl, August Anna, and Allie Colleen Brooks.

However, they officially got divorced on December 17, 2001

Garth Brooks Political Affiliation

Garth Brooks political affiliation seems to the democratic party in the last election. 

In January 2021, 59-years-old Brooks even performed at the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. He joined popular pop singers like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez on the stage.

However, he did not precisely identify his political line.

On the other hand, the singer did express his relief on the exit of the former Republican president, Donald Trump. His comments catalyzed a backlash from the Trump supporters. 

Garth Brooks Murder and Dead Bodies On Farm Explained

Garth Brooks murder and dead bodies buried on the farm were started as a joke.

It all began when Brooks announced his stadium tour in October 2018. He called the “Big-A** Stadium Tour” tour and mentioned he would get physical playing the music. 

His statements prompted a reaction from two comedians, Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. On their episode of “Your Moms House Podcast,” Tom joked that Garth was some serial killer.

Likewise, he said the singer apparently had 200-300 dead bodies buried in his yard.

After the comments, fans flooded Brooks’s social media with comments. Everyone was asking him about the alleged “dead bodies.

However, some people were perplexed about the matter. 

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