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Fabio Moraes Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who was Fabio Moraes? He was a Brazilian man who unwittingly leaped to his death. The death of the bungee jumper went viral on social platform.

It was after a bungee jump attempt that went horribly wrong with his wife, brother, and son all present to witness the catastrophic incident.

Video footage of the entire incident showing the distressing moment of the bungee jumper leaps to his last breath has appeared online. He fell to his death after plunging down from a 40-meter tall bridge in Sau Paolo, Brazil.

Who Was Fabio Moraes? 

Fabio Moraes was a 36-year-old Brazilian man who died in a horrific bungee jump. He died on December 18, 2016, after attempting a thriller bungee jump that went wrong.

Fabio Moraes, who goes by the full name Fabio Ezequiel de Moraes was a thrill-seeker who got killed in front of his shocked family after his leap from a bungee bridge in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He was of Hispanic/ Latino ethnicity.

His ill-fated horribly wrong stunt was watched by his wife, brother, and his beloved son. 

Later, Moraes was rushed to the hospital in Mairiniqu but later died of head trauma.

Death Of A Bungee Jumper Went Viral

Video of the death of a Fabio Moraes bungee jumper went viral all over social media.

Local paper Reporter Diario revealed that Moraes initially planned to do the stunt with his six-year-old son – but decided last-minute go it alone.

Video shows the dad was standing on the edge of the abyss before giving a whoop of delight as he jumps headfirst into the valley below. Only to miss the inflatable landing area, he impacted the ground instead as it was censored in this video.

This video is absolutely shocking which went horribly wrong. The bungee team hired by Moraes reportedly miscalculated the length of rope required for the leap which led his head bam on the ground.

We’re in a complete nutshell how would some expertise bungee team make such life-taking errors.

More About Moraes Bungee Jump Death

Fabio Moraes bungee jump death was blamed on the bungee jump company, MF Leasing Equipment.

His family blamed the company as police took charge of the investigation of the incident.

The company also released the statement confirming the incident as it was working with the Mairinque Civil Police: “At this difficult time for all, efforts are directed towards the care of Fabio’s relatives.”  

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