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Colby Mitchell Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Colby Mitchell’s video tape was exposed on Twitter. Is he gay? Get to know him even more from here.

Colby Mitchell is a pastor. He is a very popular face on different social media platforms where he basically hosts biblical services.

Furthermore, the pastor has also been invited to various high-profile events as a guest speaker. Get to know details on his alleged videotape.

Colby Mitchell Video Tape On Twitter

Colby Mitchell’s exposed videotape got surfaced on Twitter on July 31, 2021.

The video clip depicts the pastor engaging in a sexual act with an unidentified person.

Eventually, Twitter users went crazy slamming the pastor. At the same time, some of his followers were concerned about Colby’s image.

Overall, Colby Mitchell’s name was mentioned over a hundred times on Twitter.

Mitchell Responds To The Video Tape

Colby Mitchell has apologized for his recent exposed tape. 

He recently addressed the clip in an interview with YouTuber Larry Reid.

In his interview, he claimed that the unidentified man was his former partner. A relationship he had almost about 5 years ago.

He further added that the clip was released by the baby mama of the estranged man in the video.

However, he stated that he will take legal action and in the end, he apologized for the mistake.

Who Is Pastor Colby D Mitchell?

Colby Mitchell is a young pastor and a motivational speaker.

The pastor basically speaks of positive change and is a highly rated motivational speaker.

He is a popular face on Facebook with over 20 thousand followers on his page.

The pastor has also amassed over 800 followers on his Instagram. He goes by the username “pastor_colby_mitchell”.

Colby Mitchell Net Worth

Colby Mitchell’s net worth is not publicized.

We are totally unaware of the pastor’s economical status at the moment.

However, we do know his seminars and events cost more than thousands of American dollars.

Is Colby Mitchell Gay? 

Pastor Colby Mitchell comes out gay after the alleged video. 

In the interview with Larry Reid, Colby revealed he stayed silent about his relationships. As he preferred not to reveal his true identity.

The video depicts him with a male partner which directly puts him in the gaydar. This is the answer to his unannounced sexual identity.

At the same time, Colby Mitchell did not reveal much about his former partner.

Eventually, the interviewed video also gained over 20k views at the time of the article.

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