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Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson decapitation video has gone viral on the internet. Read below to learn about the boy who got hit by a roller coaster.

Asia went on a fun trip to Six Flags Over Georgia with his family in June 2008. Sadly, he never returned home after a horrifying incident.

While having fun, Asia happens to jump over two fences into a restricted area. Unfortunately, those were the last steps he ever took.

Is Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Video Available?

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson’s video is no longer available. Indeed, the footages are too graphic to be made public.

Most probably, a Reddit user had uploaded the recording online. Indeed, nobody appreciated the act which was uploaded without consent from the victim’s family.

One of the theme part visitors, Kevin Bowland spoke to the Associated Press about the accident. Reportedly, he calls his death a tragedy and is surprised how he entered the restricted area so easily.

In fact, other netizens were questioning Six Flags Over Georgia’s security. Even after 13 years of the incident, nobody can forget him.

Until now, nobody has figured out why he jumped into the constricted area. Speculations are suggesting he was trying to get his hat.

Who Was Asia Leeshawn Ferguson? Everything About The Victim

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was a 13-years-old boy from South Carolina. Reportedly, he was a part of the Church group that visited the amusement park in Georgia.

Indeed, his parents, Asia Ferguson III and Letha Ferguson were there too. We send our prayers and condolences to his father and mother.

Moreover, Asia’s aunt, Latashia Jenkins was devasted by the news of his death. She spoke in an interview claiming he was more like a brother to her. 

Furthermore, his father, Ferguson III had to fight tears at the funeral. Reportedly, he didn’t blame anybody for his son’s death.

Teen Head Hit By Roller Coaster: Asia Autopsy Revealed

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson’s head was hit by a roller coaster named Batman: The Ride. The autopsy revealed that his cause of death was an accident.

After he entered the prohibited area, Asia got struck by a ride moving at 50 miles/hour. Reportedly, he was decapitated and died at the spot.

Despite the terrible accident, Six Flags Over Georgia remained open the next day. Reportedly, Bat Man: The Ride was the only closed roller coaster.

Well, the deadly ride reopened by the end of June 2008. In 2021, Asia would have been 30 years old if he was still alive.

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