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Ferdi Barnand Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ferdi Barnard is no more in prison today. Here’s what we should know about his present scenario.

Before being convicted, Ferdi Barnard used to work as an agent at Civil Co-operation Bureau. He came into the spotlight after being arrested for 25 charges which even included two murderers.

Well, Ferdi was acquitted of nine charges as there was no evidence to prove that he was guilty. Moreover, he was arrested for another reason – he possessed firearms and ammunition illegally.

Where Is Ferdi Barnard Now? What Is He Doing As Of Today?

Today, Ferdi Barnard is already free from prison after serving there for more than 20 years.

We aren’t exactly sure what Ferdi is doing right now. Back on June 1, 1998, Ferdi was for the murder of an anti-Apartheid activist named David Webster. As per reports from SA History, he had shot David in front of his home.

Later, he got convicted for attempting the murder of Dullar Omar, another activist. Ferdi was only arrested a decade later as the morass of lies and intimidated witnesses helped him prove that he was not guilty.

Ferdi Barnard Age: How Old Is He?

Ferdi Barnard’s current age is unknown as we are unknown about his birthday details.

When he murdered Webster, he was at least in his forties. So, in 2021, he must not be less than his sixties. However, these are just predictions; the man himself has not clearly discussed his exact age.

His Wikipedia Details Explored

Ferdi Barnard’s information has not been embedded on Wikipedia.

In fact, he is not a celebrity, and hence, we cannot find his bio on the internet. Even though he is no more in prison, EWN has reported that he is still under the supervision of a community corrections officer.

Currently, we lack information relating to his family life. He has never been put in front of the media to speak on any matters. Thus, very few details have been unveiled until today.

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