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Frank Dimattina Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Frank Dimattina is a famous TikTok chef. Despite that, he is not found on Wikipedia. Here is everything to know about his age and Instagram. 

Frank Dimattina is a reputed Genovese crime associate who fancies himself as a “celebrity chef” with dreams of a reality TV show.

Learn About Frank Dimattina TikTok Chef

Frank Dimattina is a popular TikTok chef with 916.9K followers. 

He never leaves anything unexplained through his cooking videos, and all of his recipes look mouth-watering and delish. 

Further, Frank is the chef who cooks up all his families’ famous recipes, while his wife takes care of the day-to-day business operations, such as booking parties. 

Dimattina recipes are handed down from generation to generation, his family built a reputation in the restaurant business; first in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and now on Staten Island and in New Jersey.

Frank Dimattina Age: How Old? 

Frank Dimattina’s age is around 52-55 years old.

He has not revealed his exact age details, but looking at his physique he seems to fall at that age range. 

Frank Dimattina Wikipedia

Frank Dimattina is absent from Wikipedia. 

We are not aware of his height measurement, but he seems to have a tall height as we all can see through his photos. 

He is married to his wife, Marie-Elania DiMattina, and have three children together. One of the son’s name is Frankie Dimattina, and he holds the TikTok video along with his father Frank. 

Their business is a real family affair, with all their children including the facilities namesake, their oldest daughter Ariana is involved in the business. 

Moreover, the next challenge for the DiMattinas is to open an events space in Manhattan.

Meet Frank Dimattina On Instagram

Frank Dimattina is famously known by his Instagram name as “In The Kitchen With Frank.” 

He is very imposed and loved by his chef skills which can be seen through his TikTok, as well as Instagram and Youtube. 

His IG account has gained over 86.7k followers along with 20 posts. 

Get To Know Frank Dimattina Net Worth

Frank Dimattina net worth figures have not been disclosed to the public yet. 

However, he is a TV star and with the flooded number of followers Frank has gained on the internet, there is no doubt he has accumulated a huge fortune, and assets. 

Dimattina is also the owner of his own restaurant, and his family is well off. 

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