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Gabriel Sterling Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Gabriel Sterling is a figure who has been circulating the news in America right now because of his revelation on the election of 2020 in the United States of America. Georgia flipped blue securing strong reelection of Joe Biden and there was a lot of speculation about that on the media.

Sterling has now come out and said that there were few ballots that were missed to be counted. The uncounted ballots resulted in 2700 votes which were cast more in favor of Donald Trump. MAGA followers and Donald Trump started another outcry saying it was fraudulent but Gabriel discarded it as a fraud and said it was something that happens in the election.

NameGabriel Sterling
ProfessionVoting Implementation Manager
EducationThe University of Georgia

10 Facts On Gabriel Sterling

Gabriel Sterling is a Voting Implementation Manager for the state of Georgia and he has been doing his job fully well in this election.

We are unaware of his age but I suspect he is older than 40 years old. Other than that, we can’t be more precise.

He works in the Georgia Secretary of State and has so far upheld his job responsibly as there have been no major controversies where he was involved.

2700 votes were uncounted in Georgia but after the auditing process was done, it was found out that the votes favored trump by 800 votes only.

Gabriel explained calmly that precisely because of errors like this one, recounting and auditing needs to be done. He has discarded any conspiracy theories and said it is a routine behavior and very normal.

According to his Twitter bio, Gabriel is a Conservative which means he is a Republican in terms of political ideology.

We are unaware of his net worth as of this moment.

Details regarding his family also haven’t been out so much. I guess he likes shielding his family from public attention.

Sterling had attended The University of Georgia.

He has 4664 followers on his Twitter account.

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