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Jack Hibbs is the founder and pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Jack is well-known for his straightforward bible teaching style. In the like manner, he is also popular on Youtube with over 290k subscribers. 

Jack Hibbs Wikipedia Biography

Jack Hibbs’s Wikipedia Biography is not available now.

But, Jack does have an Instagram bio with over 81k followers. You can follow him on the social site as @realjackhibbs. On the other hand, Jack Hibbs removed himself from Twitter due to personal reasons.

Where Is Jack Hibbs Today?

Today, Jack Hibbs lives in Southern California, USA. 

Nevertheless, Jack’s church reach is widespread. He currently serves as a member of the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. Similarly, and the pastor is also involved in various Christian advocacy groups in the USA. 

Meet Jack’s Wife and Children

Jack Hibbs’s wife is Lisa Hibbs.

The couple has been married for over four decades now. In fact, they run the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills church together. Furthermore,  Jack and Lisa co-wrote the book titled Turn Around At Home – Giving A Stronger Spiritual Legacy Than You Received. 

Speaking about his family, Jack Hibbs has two children with Lisa. Both of his daughters are grown up and married with children. Moreover, Jack is very close to his two grandchildren from his daughters. 

His Net Worth and Services 

Jack Hibbs’s net worth yields a handsome fortune as of 2021.

Jack started his church along with his spouse via a home fellowship. Initially, only 6 people were involved in the prayers. Now, their church receives over 10 thousand people per week. 

Jack Hibbs’s easter service and other religious services are also pretty famous. He is the host of the well-known “Real Life with Jack” series. Furthermore, he has appeared in numerous TV shows in places like West Africa and South Pacific. 

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