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Lyle Menendez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Lyle Menendez is not a new name if you are aware of the galvanizing event that took place in 1989 in Beverly Hills, LA. If you do not know what happened, let’s explore.

Lyle Menendez is an American who is known for murdering his own parents along with his brother. They shot their parents with a gun and called the police saying someone has murdered them.

However, their crime didn’t hide for long and they got arrested in 1990. The brothers claimed that they committed the murders in retaliation for years of sexual and emotional harassment they had received from their parents.

Now, they are serving life imprisonment.

Lyle Menendez Age: How Old?

Menendez’s age is 53 years old as per his Wikipedia bio.

He was born on January 10, 1968. Moreover, his birthplace is New York, United States.

Lyle Menendez Wikipedia

Born to parents Jose Enrique Menendez and Mary Louise Andersen Lyle’s full name is Joseph Lyle Menendez. He is the firstborn in the family and has a younger brother named, Erik Galen Menendez. 

Talking about his education he got enrolled at Princeton University. However, during his freshman year, he was suspended for a year due to plagiarism issues.

3 years later, Lyle along with his brother killed their parents.

His Net Worth Explained

We are not sure about the net worth regarding Lyle Menendez.

As the man has been imprisoned for the last 30 years we are not sure about his earning.

Following the killing of his parents, it was discovered that Lyle and his brother had spent about $7 million until they got arrested. 

Does Lyle Have A Wife?

Yes, Lyle is a married man. In fact, he married twice.

According to the source, Lyle got married to Anna Erikson in the year 1996. However, after few years Anna found about being cheated and the couple got divorced in 2001.

Later, Lyle married Rebecca Sneed in the year 2003. We assume the couple to have a very strong bond as their marital relationship is very different than any other husband and wife.

Interestingly, he married both of his wives in jail.

Did Lyle Menendez wear a Wig? 

Yes, Lyle Menendez wore a wig.

As per the source, he wore a toupee to hide his premature balding. He is said to be wearing one since a very young age.

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