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With the change of generations, the Gaming scene has changed drastically. Nowadays, people don’t only play games for entertainment purposes, but also to make a career. One such enthusiast of gaming is GDbooya. A native of North Carolina, GDbooya’s dream career is streaming and entertaining the audiences.

Chasing his dream, he began streaming the Call of Duty gameplay. Now, he holds lots of fans through his gaming. On his Twitch account, he has already made 126K followers.

ProfessionTwitch Streamer

10 Facts On GDbooya

GDbooya is his official gaming name. His real name is yet to surface on the internet. However, some wiki sites believe his real name is Ean.

While his full name is yet not confirmed, his gaming name GDbooya comes from two words. BOOYA is Stuart Scott’s phrase, and GD is just his made-up name and has no meaning.

He was born in 1999 in North Carolina. As of now, GDbooya is 21 years old. He holds an American nationality.

Twitch Streamer GDbooya solely streams Call of Duty on his Twitch and YouTube channel. However, he admitted that he would play any game that his fans would love to see him playing in the future.

He hasn’t set any timing or schedule for his streams. Instead, he manages to stream daily for at least three hours per session.

GDbooya, being a gamer, is active on every social media platform, be it Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. He has 90.5k followers on his Instagram account.

Similarly, GDbooya has 105K subscribers and 18K followers on his YouTube and Twitter accounts, respectively.

GDbooya indeed earns lavish money from his career as a streamer. Also, he earns extra income from his merch and product sales. Regardless of the facts, his net worth still remains disclosed. As per the record of, he earned $14,387.50 prize money from his 7 tournaments.

He seems to relish the bachelor lifestyle. We have yet to know any of his female preferences or potential partners. 

GDbooya doesn’t have his biography listed on the Wikipedia page despite being a popular gamer and streamer.

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