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Do you know Twitch streamer BoombI4? If you said yes, then you may know, he is a famous Russian Twitch streamer. He is known for his game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) play. Also, he plays for the Natus Vincere currently. At first, BoombI4 played for the EPG (Elements Pro Gaming), and after a few months, he and his two teams were transferred to Quantum Bellator Fire. 

Additionally, Boombl4 has participated in several tournaments and has won rewards. His Twitch account, Boombl4, has around 74.1k followers. Overall, Boombl4 is a smart guy who has a good sense of humor in games. His main role in the game is entry fragger.

Here are some details about the gamer Kirill Mikhailov. Let’s straight jump into the facts.

NameBoombl4 (Kirill Mikhailov)
BirthdayDecember 20, 1998
Age28 years
ProfessionGamer/ Twitch Streamer

10 Facts on Boombl4

Kirill Mikhailov, aka Boombl4, was born in 1988. According to the year of birth, his age is 22 years as of now.

Boombl4’s actual height and weight are unknown. However, he looks healthy and has an average height.

How Big Is Boombl4? Well, Boombl4 has a gigantic body size yet looks cute with chubby cheeks. According to Reddit, he is a big fluffy teddy bear that everyone loves.

According to Liquipedia, Boombl4 has total earnings of $181,665 from Twitch. 

Discussing his net worth, Boombl4’s net worth is yet to disclose on the internet. 

He is from Russia and holds Russian nationality. Likewise, his ethnicity is white.

We can’t trace Kirill’s girlfriend’s details at the moment. Probably, he wants his dating life to be private.

Boombl4’s name is not listed on Wikipedia lately, but this article’s documented facts might help the readers.

Moving on to his family details, Boombl4 was born to his parents in Russia. It’s not known if he has any siblings or not. 

To conclude, Boombl4 is available on Instagram and Twitter with a good fan following. 

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