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George Rossi Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Has George Rossi wife Catrin Rossi made an official statement regarding his death? Tune in to find out.

George Rossi was a professional actor. Mostly recognized for portraying the role of Duncan Lennox in ‘The Bill’, he was of Italian descent. In fact, he helped his family with their ice-cream van while growing up.

Having attended, East 15 Acting School, he had been a part of various movies and TV Series. His IMDb profile states that he had 44 acting credits under his name. Likewise, his works include Le Cineaste – A Director’s Journey, Casualty, Whitechapel, Wild Romance, Trial & Retribution, Roughnecks, and Thief Takers.

Rossi’s death has shocked people all over the world. There has also been an outpouring of grief on social media, as his friends and colleagues paid tribute to him

Let us learn about the actor’s demise in detail.

George Rossi Wife Catrin Rossi And Children

George Rossi and his wife Catrine Rossi had been married for more than 3 decades. They exchanged vows in the year 1988 and had two children together.

Likewise, their names are Santino Rossi and Matilda Rossi.

What Was George Rossi Death Cause?

George Rossi’s death cause has not been made public. His death was confirmed by his niece through a social media post. However, the cause of his demise was not mentioned.

George Rossi Wikipedia, Family And Kids

George Rossi has already graced the official pages of Wikipedia. The news about his death has also been covered by various news channels.

Having worked in the industry since 1984, Rossi had established himself as an extraordinary actor. During his successful career, he had worked alongside actors like Hannah Walters, Alex Jennings, and Georgia Winters.

As a matter of fact, Rossi directed and produced ‘The Ballad of Kid Divine: The Cockney Cowboy.’

Talking about Rossi’s family and kids, his parents are originally from Valvori, Lazio, Italy. He has a brother named Peter, and the siblings worked in the movie ‘Comfort and Joy’ together.

What Happened to George Rossi?

George Rossi passed away at the age of 61. He is survived by his wife, Catrine, and two children.

Fans and colleagues have expressed their sadness through various social media posts. Additionally, they have tributed him through videos and heartwarming captions.

Rossi might have left the world, but his legacy will forever remain with us.

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