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Glenn Consor Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Glenn Consor had apologized to Kevin Porter Jr personally and publicly after his Kevin Porter Jr dad comment was received poorly when it left behind a bitter aftertaste. 

Glenn Consor apologized for his remark, saying he mistook Porter Jr. for being the son of Kevin Porter, a former NBA player who played for six seasons and a Washington Bullet guard for six seasons. He was mistaken in his belief and claimed it was an honest mistake. 

Many are calling him racist and a liar who should be fired. 

Mark Giannotto tweeted out on Thursday, “It’s certainly worthy of discipline, maybe a fireable offense. I’m guessing it was a lazy mistake, not intentional, but you’re right that a guy like Glenn Consor, who has been broadcasting in DC a long time, should know KPJ isn’t related to the former player Kevin Porter.”

Continue reading to find out more about the hot debate that has taken Twitter by storm. 

Learn About Wizards: Glenn Consor And Wife Age Difference

Glenn Consor is married to his wife though details on her are nonexistent. He has fathered two sons with his wife, Kenny and Jonny. His first child, Kenny, turned 30 on March 16. 

Glenn does not share much information outside his professional life. He keeps his private and professional life separate. 

Glenn is on Instagram under the username @glenn_consor.

Kevin Porter Jr Dad Comment – What Did Glenn Consor Say?

After Kevin Porter Jr scored a winning shot, Glenn Consor, the Wizard analyst, made an insensitive remark about Kevin’s father, which was received very poorly by everyone.

During the game, Glenn made the following statement, “Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled the trigger at the right time.”

The word “trigger” triggered a lot of people, including LeBron James. He was fired up about the incident and made his feelings known in a tweet.

“Oh, he thought this was cool, huh!!?? Nah, we ain’t going for this! Sorry but this isn’t going to fly! How insensitive can you be to say something like this? Beat it, man! I pray for you, but there’s no place in our beautiful game for you!”

Kevin Porter Jr’s father went to jail for a total of four years after he pulled the trigger on a 14-year-old teenager. The little girl lost her life that day. 

Later, Kevin’s father lost his life to gun violence in a bar fight. 

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