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SSG Splurge Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

SSG Splurge has his fans entranced with his hard beats and vocals, and now they wonder about the age and the height behind the successful rapper. 

Texas-born rapper SSG Splurge gained popularity by the unique blend of his dark, deep and throaty vocals with basic melodies. He came up top with his buddy and collaborator Beat by Jeff.

The Arlington rapper was high from his singles “Backwoods” and “Intro Part 2,” which introduced him to the world as a young and upcoming rapper.

His songs were getting millions of hits on outlets like WorldStarHipHop.

Though he later changed his ways, he was involved with gangs while taking pride in confiscating drugs from dealers. 

SSG Splurge Age And Height: How Tall Is The American Rapper?

SSG Spluger, also known as Splurge, reached 20 last August. He was born in the year 2001 on August 21. His mother gave birth to him in Arlington, Texas. 

The young rapper sports black hair and dark brown eyes. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 58 kilograms.

He gained wide recognition for his songs in 2018 and has constantly been building up his fanbase. He hasn’t won any musical awards, but that might change in the upcoming future. 

Details On SSG Splurge Girfriend And Parents

SSG Splurge has not revealed anything about his personal life, and he is most likely single with no girlfriend to take home to meet his mother. Moreover, there has been no information regarding his ex-girlfriends or previous relationships.

To the extent of our knowledge, he has not been engaged either. If he was engaged romantically with someone in the past, no one has any idea who she might have been.

Regarding the details of his parents, he has not thought to share any information concerning that area of his life. Neither his name nor his parent’s name is known. 

However, we do know that his father was not much involved in his life. His mother was mostly responsible for his upbringing. She faced the rigors of parenting three children while her boyfriend was incarcerated.

They had a difficult existence, as they were frequently evicted and had to relocate. He was also expelled from high school, which led him down the wrong path for a while. 

He was involved in street dealings, and rap was just something he kept as a side hobby at the age of 15.

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