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Dr. Rochelle Walensky Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

As people always say “Doctors are the living gods.” Well at the moment, you wouldn’t argue on that, would you? Dr. Rochelle Walensky is the infectious disease specialist in Massachusetts General Hospitals. Moreover, she is also a professor of Medicine in Harvard Medical School.

At this devastating dark times, Dr. Rochelle has been working very hard to get to any leads that can terminate the pandemic. Here are the 10 facts you need to know about the hardworking doctor.Quick Facts:

NameDr. Rochelle Walensky
Age51 years
ProfessionMedical Specialist
HusbandDr. Loren Walensky
EducationJohn Hopkins School Of Medicine

10 Facts on Dr. Rochelle Walensky

Dr Rochelle Walensky is a medical specialist and a doctor. She is also a Professor of Medicine in Harvard Medical School. She is from Boston, United States. 

Even though her exact date of birth is unknown, she is said to be 51 years old. But its quite sure that she is in her early fifities. 

However, the doctor is yet to have wikipedia biography. 

Morover, Rochele is a married woman. Her husband, Dr.Loren Walensky is a physician and a scientist. As a result, the couple are blessed with three sons. 

But the details about her parents are still not known just like the facts about her siblings if there are any. 

Moving on to her professional life, She is an M.D and MPH. The doctor is currently working as the chief physician of infectious disease at Massachusetts General Hospitals. 

Furthermore, Walensky started her formal medical education from Washington University in St. Louis. After completing BA, she joined John Hopkins School of Medicine for her MD. Also, she has an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health.

Her complete dedication in medical field started from 1998. Since then, she has been member of CEPAC, which awares about the prevention of Aids all over the world. 

Similarly, she has been working days and nights inorder to eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic the world is facing at the moment. 

Financially, she is an independent and wealthy woman. It’s kind of obvious because she is a reputed doctor. However, her total wealth is still in review. 

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