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Grapplr is a popular Twitch streamer who began streaming very recently. He mostly streams two games; Legends of Runterra and Pokemon. Along with games he also has just chatting streams where he talks with his viewers.

Not your average gamer or streamer, Grapplr is a fitness enthusiast who dedicates many hours of the week to keep himself in impeccable shape and is also a martial artist who practices Brazilian Jiu Jutsu.

To know more about who the streamer is and why is he so popular, head down below to 10 Facts about Grapplr:

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10 Facts About Grapplr

Grapplr is a Twitch affiliate and therefore is a verified streamer on the platform and has over 43k followers as of February 8, 2021.

He hasn’t provided any information regarding his date of birth or age as he wants to keep his life away from the internet but from his looks one may think he is in his late 20s or early 30s.

Although known by his fans on the Internet as Grapplr, his real name is not grapplr but it is actually Matt.

Grapplr has not mentioned him having a girlfriend or about being in a relationship of any sorts so we can assume that he is currently single.

Along with streaming games and playing martial arts, Grapplr has mentioned on his Twitch that he plays poker competitvely.

Grapplr underwent a physical transformation few years ago, dropping his weight from 265lbs to 210lbs and became completely shredded.

He has a fairly popular YouTube channel where he uploads a video every day and has over 49k subscribers with over 9 Million views in total.

Grapplr has a Twitter account which has over 5.5k followers. However, he does not have an Instagram or Facebook.

He is a Brazilian jiu jutsu brown belt holder who has been a part of several tournaments.

You can catch him live everyday on Twitch from 2-6 AM, Brazilian time.

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