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Hope Brewster Husband – Where Is Greg Brewster Now? Cold Justice

Netizens are curious about Hope Brewster’s husband, Greg Brewster, and his whereabouts after their story was featured on Cold Justice. Find out where he is now in this article.

Hope Brewster and her 2-year-old baby lost their lives in an arson fire at the Noble Manor on February 26, 1993. The case has been unsolved for over 28 years.

Cold Justice has featured the tragic incident as Kelly and Steve investigate the incident to find out some answers. An arson specialist will review the case as they look for any clues to catch the culprit.

Hope Brewster Husband- Where Is Greg Brewster Now?

Hope Brewster’s husband is Greg Brewster.

Greg was able to escape the fire after jumping out of the window. He sustained back injuries from the fall but his wife and son were engulfed in the flames.

The Brewsters were high school sweethearts and just starting their life.

Brester was only 22 years old when she was killed in a fire in her apartment building in Noble Manor.

She, along with her 2-year-old son, Jacob Brewster, lost their lives in the tragic incident. Furthermore, she was six months pregnant with her second child.

We don’t have information on Greg’s whereabouts as of 2021. There is also no information on the internet regarding Hope’s husband.

Cold Justice: Is Greg Brewster A Suspect?

No, Greg Brewster is not a suspect in the 1993 arson case in Noblesville, Indiana.

An investigation is going on after Hope and Jacob’s unsolved murdered case received wide media attention. The case has been pending for twenty-eight years.

The Cold Justice team is investigating Hope’s case. They will try to find some answers to the case that has been unsolved for the past twenty-eight years.

Seven other smaller fires were reported within a mile radius within a month. Despite all the investigations, the case remained unsolved. All these incidents could be co-related with one another.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

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