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Suspect: Who Is David Pearce LA? Arrest Made In Christy Giles Murder, is He An Actor?

David Pearce is one of the suspects concerning the murder of  Christy Giles, an LA-based model, on November 13. She was discovered outside Southern California Hospital. 

Daily Mail has confirmed that an arrest has been made in Christy Giles’s murder. Her designer friend was also killed alongside her. 

David Pearce Is A Suspect In LA-Based Model Chirsty Giles  Murder- Who Is He?

David Pearce is the suspect in Christy Giles’s murder who was an LA-based model. David is believed to be an actor and a producer. He was seen posing for pictures with stars in Red Carpet over the years. 

He was spotted with adult film actor Ron Jeremy during the 2009 premiere of his film One-Eyed Monster. He was accused of over 30 charges of sexual assault last year. 

The phone location data of the two victims is the key that let the investigator suspect David Pearce, Randt Osborn, and Mike Ansbach. The data shows that they went to Pearce’s apartment in Beverly Hills with the three men in the early hours of November 13 after an East LA warehouse party. 

The men dropped the two cold bodies of two women in two different places. Christy was discovered outside Southern California Hospital and died shortly after. 

Her friend, Cabrales-Arzola, an interior designer, was left in critical condition at Kaiser Permanente West L.A. Sadly, she was declared brain dead. Her family took her out of life support just a day shy before her 27th birthday on November 28. 

David Pearce and Other Two People Have Been Arrested In Christy Giles Murder

David Pearce and the other two people have been arrested in Chirtsy Giles’s murder. Besides, many people believe that they might have died from a drugs overdose. 

According to a toxicology report, Cabrales-Arzola had heroin in her bloodstream. The autopsy of Giles was completed, but the cause of death had not yet been issued.

Nevertheless, the family believes that both the women may have been forced to take the drugs. There is a test message on their phones where they have decided to go home. They called an Uber but never got into that ride. 

David Pearce Is At The Age Of 37

David Pearce, age 37, has been arrested in Christy Giles’s murder. According to ABC7, He is detained on a $1 million bond after being charged with manslaughter.

His other accomlices, Ansbach and Osborn, were charged with accessory to homicide and are being jailed on $100,000 bail each.

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