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Ian Allen Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Height, Bio, Early Life, Career, Facts

Ian Allen is a TikTok and is popular for his accusation to Tayden for rape accuse. There is nothing mentioned on the internet about his age but we can guess that he is in his first twenties. Ian was born and raised in a city in the United States. Ian is seen along with his sister in TikTok so we can say that he has sisters too.

NameIan Allen
AgeEarly twenties
ProfessionTikTok star

Noting has been given about Ian’s height or weight but he seems tall and seems fit and fine. Ian has accused Tayden of Sexual abuse through his Twitter account. Ian has said that Tydan and he went to his apartment. Ian also said in his twitter account that Seay Tayden had been in multiple relationships and also said that he acted to be in false love with Ian.

Seay Tayden controversy has been going on but Seay has not stated anything about Ian’s accusing him of the rape case. There is a lot to be investigated in this case. Ian is active in Twitter with username ianxallenmua and he has 500 followers. Allen’s Instagram account is named as ianxallen and has 2094 Instagram followers.

10 Facts on Ian Allen

Ian Allen is a TikTok star and he accused another Tiktok star Seat Tayden of a rape case.

Ian Allen is in his early twenties and there is no valid information about his date of birth.

Ian was born in a city in the United States.

Allen’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is White.

Ian has accused Seat of rape assault from his Twitter account.

Allen has many sisters and he has many TikTok videoes with them.

Nothing has been revealed about Ian’s parents or his relatives.

Allen is active on Instagram with username ianxallen and he has 2094 followers.

Ian has 500 Twitter followers and his id is ianxallenmua.

Ian has stated in his Instagram that Black lives matter and he is anti racist.

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