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Ian Cleary Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who Is Ian Cleary? Ian is a college hockey player who is accused of an alleged rape case. Know his wiki details here.

Ian is a former collegiate hockey player. He used to play for the Gettysburg College team before 2013.

Who Is Ian Cleary?

Ian Cleary is a former Gettysburg College hockey player.

Clearly was in his junior year at the college in 2013. CBS News reports he never returned to the college after that. In fact, he put the school’s Title IX investigation to halt.

To point out, Ian was a goalie in the college ice hockey team.

We are clueless about what Ian is doing for a living at the moment. He has been reportedly living in Europe lately. However, there is no update about his profession and lifestyle at the moment.

Ian is now a target of police officials after he was alleged of rape in his college days. Even the authorities are still unable to track down his recent residence and profile.

Ian Cleary Hockey Player Wiki

Ian Cleary is a hockey player who is currently being related to an 8 years old rape case.

Clearly was accused by Shannon Keeler of sexually assaulting her in 2013. Ian and Shannon both were Gettysburg College students at the time. Actually, Keeler was in her freshman year.

As per reports, Ian followed Shannon to her room after a college party. There she anonymously assaulted her and fled away. However, the police could not identify him for eight years now.

Clearly’s case revoked following a Facebook message on Shannon’s phone. The message sent in 2019 said, “So I raped you.” The police tracked down his phone number and obtained an arrest warrant against him.

Ian Hockey Player Age

Ian Cleary’s age is 28 years old.

Cleary is from Saratoga, California. However, it is yet to be verified whether he was born and raised there.

Also, we could not have our hands on the details regarding his parents and family background. Similarly, there is no information about his school days and childhood.

Is Ian Cleary Found?

Ian is not found as of now.

Keeler, the victim, believes she will finally get justice after so many years. However, the authorities are yet to answer all the questions regarding Ian’s arrest.

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