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Isaac Cervantes Net Worth, TikTok, Age, Bio, Height, Early Life, Career, Facts

Isaac Cervantes is a TikTok star best known for his prank videos. Likewise, he recently hit 900 thousand followers on his account. Moreover, he mostly posts videos of him pranking his girlfriend.

What’s more, he wants to expand his online presence to other social media platforms. But, it seems like his TikTok account is the most successful out of all of his social media accounts. But, his YouTube channel comes in second. Keep reading to find out more about Isaac. Here are ten facts about Cervantes!

NameIsaac Cervantes
BirthdayMarch 16, 1999
Age21 Years Old
ProfessionTikTok Star
Net Worth$100 Thousand Approx
Salary$50 Thousand Approx

10 Facts on Isaac Cervantes

Isaac Cervantes (Born on March 16, 1999) is an Internet Star, best known for his prank videos with his girlfriend. Moreover, he hails American nationality. Likewise, he comes from a Hispanic race. And his age is 21 years old.

More on his bio, he was born in the United States of America to his parents. However, his parents like to stay away from the spotlight.

What’s more, he seems to be the only child in the family. But, most of his background remains hidden from his fans and followers.

Talking about family, Cervantes seems to be living under the same roof as his girlfriend, Andrea. However, her last name is kept hidden from the world.

Speaking of intimate, the young TikTok star stands at a decent height. Likewise, he keeps himself very fit. However, his height and weight’s actual numbers remain hidden for now.

What’s more, they started their career as an Internet star together. In fact, back in August of 2017 the Isaac and his girlfriend started their joint YouTube channel together. And as of 2020, the channel holds around 53.6k subscribers.

Moreover, back in 2019, he started to post videos on TikTok. And just in a year’s time, he managed rack over 977.8k followers.

Lastly, he also has an Instagram account. But, his Instagram is not fairing so well as his other accounts. In fact, it currently holds a minimal amount of 8.1k followers.

Talking about Instagram, he loves to share pictures of himself and his lover together. Moreover, he and his girlfriend love to travel together to new places.

Finally, Isaac holds an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. Furthermore, Cervantes’ earns around $50 to $55 thousand annually.

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