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Itsexzale Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Social Media Platform is allowing everyone to share the content of whatever they are into as it helps to gain both fan following and earn money. Social Media also helps to get brand deals and collaborate with brands and earn money.

Itsexzale is an American TikTok star born on 26 November,2000 in Milwaukee which is in WI. The star uploads comedy content on social media where most of his content is based on the original soundtrack. The creator does his content on his own style and adds humor to his content.

Birthday26 November,2000
Age19 years
ProfessionTikTok star

The star has not given any information about his family background. No concrete information is given about his relationship status and what is he studying. From his content, we get the fact that he is very passionate about making other people laugh and he enjoys creating content. The creator achieved quite a lot of fans following at a very young age which will surely help him in the future. The creator looks tall and he may be of around 6 ft.

10 Facts on Itssexzale

Itssexzale is an American TikTok star born on 26 November and he uploads funny content on his account.

The content creator is just in his late teens.

Itssexzale got name and fame at the age of 19 all over the internet.

Itssexzale is also active on Instagram where he uploads his TikTok on it and posts about his lifestyle.

Itssexzale works really hard on his content to deliver quality content to the audience.

The headphone video got over 3.2M views which gave his account a good exposure.

The zodiac sign of the content creator is Sagittarius.

In a very short period of time, the content creator got a lot of views and attention.

The star has not mentioned anything about his family and he does not post anything about it.

The star is very consistent and passionate about creating content.

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