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James Bufton Newport Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

James Bufton Newport is notorious fraud who portrayed himself as a successful stockbroker and then conned his friends and associates for a hefty sum of money.

Quick Facts: Who Is James Bufton Newport? Everything On Wife, Wikipedia And Net Worth

NameJames Bufton
Age26 years
ProfessionPrison Inmate

Newport was sentenced to go to prison, and he had it coming. The fact that he did not even hesitate to pose as his dead uncle one time adduces the idea of just how low he is. He collected money from his close friends and associates to drink booze and use that money for lavish purposes.

He collected money from his closest relatives and promised to invest that money in stock. He also had been pictured with Rihanna, which certainly made a big impression amongst his associates. However, he was a disappointing case of a thief who knew no bounds to pettiness.

10 Facts On James Bufton Newport

James Bufton Newport is around 26 years old, according to various sources on the internet. He has a puffy appearance and looks slightly above his age.

James failed his exams and then decided to play a successful stockbroker’s role to gather some money.

Buffon squeezed every last penny from his family members and even took all the money from his uncle’s pension fund.

James had stolen £253,000 from his family members and close associates. He used all of that money to have lavish parties at expensive places.

James Bufton Newport doesn’t have a wife. Even if he had a wife, she would be uncomfortable being known as James’s wife.

James Bufton Newport has not been featured on Wikipedia so far.

We don’t know how much James Bufton Newport’s net worth is. He stole a lot of money from people, but that’s technically not his net worth amount.

Bufton posed with Rihanna in an expensive club, and that has now become viral.

James had also carried out a £750,000 VAT fraud, which is a severe crime in Wales.

James is currently sentenced to prison for six years due to 16 cases between 2013 and 2017.

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