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Jenny Cudd is an American woman from Midland Texas, who has gone viral all over the internet. Her video of agreeing to participate in the Capitol mayhem has gathered more than 3 million views on Facebook. 

Follow the decision of the 2020 election, Trump supporters gathered and protested outside the Capitol. However, some of them broke in and caused a riot and Jenny Cudd was one of them. 

Quick Facts: Jenny Cudd Midland Texas: Everything To Know About

NameJenny Cudd
Age36 years

A lifelong supporter of Trump, Jenny Cudd was also a mayoral candidate for Midland, Texas. She was a reporter, prior to that. 

In her ridiculously disturbing live video, Jenny admits that she will do the same thing again and again if necessary as she has enjoyed causing the riot. 

10 Facts on Jenny Cudd

Jenny Cudd is an American mayoral candidate who was among the protestors inside the US Capitol. She ran for mayor for Midland, Texas. 

Despite her sudden social media fame, Jenny Cudd is yet to have a Wikipedia page of her own. 

Moreover, Jenny Cudd is a married woman. She tied the knots with her husband who is a US veteran. 

As of now, Jenny is 36 years old. Her birthday and other personal info remain undetermined. 

As for her family, she is a mother to a dog. But Jenny doesn’t have any children. 

Jenny Cudd came into the limelight when she posted a live video on Facebook about her time inside the US Capitol. 

As a result, she was arrested by the capitol police. The charges against her are not disclosed though. 

Furthermore, Cudd was a mayoral candidate for Midland, Texas. It is clear that she lost the election. 

Besides, she used to be a reporter for Telegram. Jenny Cudd also owns an aesthetics business. 

The Capitol mayhem has become a major issue in the United States now. Trump supporters gathered and protested against the result of the 2020 election. 

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